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About Sway

We are a family-owned business that sprung from our love of real estate, and passion for hospitality, business, AND the beach! In 2017, we purchased our own vacation rental properties in Port Aransas and have been successful in marketing and managing them ever since. It was not long before the people of Port Aransas took notice of the exceptional hospitality and the local aesthetics,—guests were enjoying a better experience overall and many rental property owners were quick to inquire if we could mimic these same standards and practices within their own piece of paradise in Port Aransas. As a result, SWAY LLC- Vacation Rentals Port Aransas, Texas was born!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation policy?

The stay is fully refundable 14 days before your check in date with our Port Aransas Texas Vacation Rentals.

Where can I rent a Golfcart?

For Port Aransas: Jackfish Golf Carts

portaransasgolfcarts.com 361-459-2900 Discount Code: SWAY2019

For North Padre: Beach Bum Cart Rentals

Are pets allowed at SWAY properties?

Some properties do allow pets, while others do not.  Be sure to inquire before booking a property if you have a pet.

Do you have a travel insurance partner?

Yes, we do.  You will be able to purchase travel insurance after you book your stay.

Do you provide beach towels?

We currently do not provide beach towels.  Some properties may have some beach towels left behind and you are welcome to use those; however, bath towels and linens are not to be removed from the property for any reason.

Are there beach chairs and beach umbrellas at the property?

There are no beach chairs and beach umbrellas included for your stay; however, we recommend renting from one of the local beach rental companies, or you can bring your own.

Do we need a parking permit to park on the beach?

Yes!  If you plan to park your vehicles on the beach, you will need a beach parking permit.  They are available at the convenient stores on the island and are good for 1 year.

I have heard there are coyotes on the island; is that true?

Yes, there is a lot of wildlife including coyotes on the island.  If you have a pet, do not leave them outside.  Your pet should be leashed and with you at all times.  Most humans don’t see them unless they are wandering at night but coyotes leave us humans alone; however, they are wild animals and should be left alone.

Are there mosquitoes on the island?

Yes, at times there are quite a few mosquitoes; we recommend coming prepared with bug spray just in case they are out and about. 

Is it safe to swim at the beach?

There are flag warnings at each beach entrance.  Be sure to watch the color of the flags and determine if it is safe to swim.  We recommend always swimming with a friend, learn how to swim in currents/tides, and always watch the flag warnings. 

Should I bring my own sheets and towels?

We provide linens and bath towels.

What if it rains on my travel/vacation dates?

We do not provide refunds outside of the cancellation period for any reason.  Please consider purchasing travel insurance with our travel insurance partner to protect your vacation investment.

The property shows that it sleeps 10, is that just adults?

No, if a property reads that it sleeps 10, 10 is the max including children and infants.  Guests will be fined and evicted for exceeding the occupancy rule.

Is there a noise ordinance on the island?

Yes!  It is from 10pm to 7am.  Please respect your neighbors and community. Enjoy Port Aransas Texas Vacation Rentals in peace.

Does the ferry run 24/7?

Yes, the ferry is always open unless it is closed for hurricanes, etc. 

Does Port Aransas have a grocery store?

Yes, the IGA is the local grocery store.

Do you have a recommendation for restaurants and activities?

Yes, each guest will receive a list of our recommended eaterys, excursions and activities on the island.

What if I have a problem with my rental upon arrival?

We have someone on call 24/7; someone should respond to you quickly.

What homes are near eachother?

Bourbon Breeze and Boards N Bikinis (side by side and the next 2,

My Blue Heaven and Daiquiri Daze are across the street from Bourbon Breeze and Boards N Bikinis)

My Blue Heaven and Daquiri Daze (same complex, across the pool from each other)

Totally Beachin’ and Seabbatical (same street with 2 houses in between)

Sandy S’mores and Pelican’s Porch (side by side)

50 Shades of Blue and Whatabeach House (across the street from each other, 1 house down)

Blue Crush, South by Sunkissed, and Dapper Dolphin (South By Sunkissed and Dapper Dolphine are side by side; down the street a few houses down is Blue Crush)

Tidal Times and Sparkle Fish (same complex with 4 condos in between)

Clamshell Cottage and Coastal Vibe (same complex with 3 condos in between)

Lost Shaker of Salt and Seaside Lookout, and Making Waves (Lost Shaker of Salt and Seaside Lookout are across from each other and share 1 pool; Making Waves is across the street from Lost Shaker and Seaside Look out)

Summer Love and Beach Happy (next door to each other)

Are the Private Pools heated?

Some are, please refer to our category page on a list of which homes have heated pools. Please note: If your stay is in the winter months & plan to use the pool, this pool is heated by a heat pump meaning that it will NOT be a hot tub temp.  If the air temp is above 50, the pool temp MAY heat UP TO 20 degrees warmer.  Below 50 air temp, it will not feel warm.  The warmer the outside air temp, the more comfortable feel of the pool water.   We CANNOT guarantee a temp for the pool. MOST DAYS, with the outside air temp reaching ABOVE 60 degrees, even in the winter in Port A, the pool should heat up to ABOUT  84 degrees.  Please understand that the pool will NEVER feel like a hot tub with the pool warmer on at its highest setting.  The pool warmer will be activated when the water temp gets below 83 degrees which is usually mid October to mid April time frame (depending on weather/temps). ***

Where can we swim in a pool if the property doesn't have one?

The City of Port Aransas has a very nice pool and is open to the public;  we recommend guests to verify dates/hours it is open and/or heated, since it varies throughout the year.

700 Clark Pkwy, Port Aransas TX 78373

(361) 749-2416 cityofportaransas.org

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